Meteorologist Connects Record-Breaking Heat to Global Warming


I'm misunderstanding it, But, you know, just anecdotally. Seems like our weather is just weird. Like a lot of it. It seems more temperate. Then I remember like from my childhood. And yet when the day comes when it's going to be cold or when it's going to be hot man, it kills us with that is that normal for us are things changing. Well, what is normal for the bay areas that we have so many micro climate that you can find significantly almost dramatically different weather conditions in towns that are adjacent each other depending on you know the elevation how close they are to the coast. How close we are to the bay, So it's not unusual for the barrier to have what People from outside. The Berry might call weird weather, but it's even weirder now, and it's weirder now because we are experiencing more extremes now than before. The the heat waves are occurring earlier in the year earlier in the summer season than they typically did, and in the distant penned the Not too distant past. Uh, droughts are occurring. Earlier and lasting longer, and this is not just here in the Bay Area. This is, uh, this is what's happening all around the world right now. You don't remember Early last week, British Columbia recorded its highest temperature ever like around 100 and 15. Degrees, Uh, Portland and Seattle and Eugene or according ridiculously high temperatures. 108 112 106 114 degrees that they had never seen before. Finland, Uh, that area of Finland that is part of Lapland north of The Arctic Circle just had its, uh, let's see tied at China's all time record high 90 nearly 93 degrees one day last week, so if places north of the Arctic Circle are regularly setting new records and seven the seven warmest years on record globally have been the last seven years. That should indicate to the to the skeptics and the deniers that yes, it is global warming. It's just just amazing amazing to to me me how how you you know know we've we've already already were were wonderful wonderful country country with with many many wonderful wonderful things things about about that that define define our our country. country. But But one one thing thing that's that's not not so so wonderful. wonderful. That That is is part part of of who who we we are are is is we've we've always always had had a, a, uh uh very very vocal, vocal, very very stubborn, stubborn, anti anti intellectual intellectual element. element. And And it's it's not not only only that that that's that's not not only only that not only includes what we call everyday people, but people who are elected public officials who are so in denial. It's just ridiculous because they find some sort of political benefit to be that way. And it

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