A highlight from 06/17/2021 - HOUR 2 - Lebron James, Jason Terry and Aaron Rodgers


We've all got those things at walt. Disney world resort that immediately. Take you back the things. We couldn't wait to do when we go back. Well great big beautiful tomorrow that you've been dreaming of can begin today hop in and blast into hyperspace on millennium falcon smuggler's run and take part in an epic battle between the resistance and the first order on star wars rise of the resistance. Step into pandora the world of avatar where you can even fly in the back of about banshee at disney's animal kingdom with so much happening throughout all four theme parks. There's no better time to indulge everything you've been craving go checkout disneyworld dot com slash the heard for more information on special offers he friends. I'm janet varney. I was avoid. Cora on the legend of cora. And i'm dante bosco. The voice of zuko on the last air vendor. And we're your hosts for braving the elements nickelodeon podcasts celebrating. All things avatar verse. Whether you're bender or non bender.

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