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Welcome to the tragic crypto. Podcast apologies for the last couple of days in shelby been moving still getting stuff done office nearly all set up now saudi times and the market. Let's talk about the market because it's bay bits spain down. It's not it's being down. It's been really la- bitcoin. It's a it's the best shot at the moment to be honest and the raise the reema say that is that even though he was saying know yesterday we pull back but yesterday. Four point five percent dive of fours one percent although little pullback dead the actual daily trend is really nice. I mean it's only one high low and high high but it's been a nice like roll through quite comfortably. It definitely doesn't scare me at the mud. it looks very very good indeed into buffet. It's actually the the one i'm stalking a. Try it on this guy to be on the eight hour as a cradled Whiting another three hours until that. It out candle would close. And then i might possibly actually get an older in and get along tried on bitcoin to thirty eight thousand seven hundred ninety seven. Of course we did push through forty thousand. And that's all he's saying the subsequent pullback from at thirty thousand eight hundred baud now that represents a gain of one point two percent on the dice sofa and lock say ave thrown often. The scans a couple of times today and it. some he's the best The best looking shot for me for a from trading point of view. And there's not much there really really isn the with the market coming off the last couple of days regular those mid to low timeframe trends that were implied where i was looking to try it and wells stalking opportunities. My watch list is very very small today apart from bitcoin as cape telling you under a theory. It's two thousand four hundred and twenty four dollars that daily shot little bit more rough full theory not yesterday day before was down point five percent yesterday dance seven percent currently sitting up two and a half percent so far in the day. The broken of god is again. There's just a lack of clarity. You know the one-hour pulled Cradles or now but it's been messy. There was one came when across many shots on the seventeenth which is today at four. Am australian eastern standard time. Which is much on haired sitting and they fluff everything out and i met. Everybody look a little bit won't gain a little bit. Yuck no trades this may it is looking more bearish at the model though many shots at that at this present. Tom has the potential what bitcoin and that is said. A high high to go the higher luck. And i'm just again again. I keep zion. But i am white. I'm waiting to see the opportunity presents itself and there's just not think they so twenty four twenty five two thousand four hundred and twenty five up two point five percent on the theory except the last couple of days a yesterday. Down full percent The day before being the fifteenth downtick point seven five percent. Karbi up three percent right now again. I'd like to see except play fullish search with bitcoin to push on for that high high. Get those daily trends back in order. And when i say in order with at the upward down. I'd much prefer obviously for many reasons but tom. If we can get those trends to confirm themselves again we get some good trading opportunities. It still sits within those periods with appeared of tom. At the moment word is a little still a little bit lacking as far as cyclicity trend guys who accept ninety five cents up three percents. I saw bitcoin cash following suit yesterday. Down five point three the day before two point two percent down as well right now. Two point nine four percent six hundred ten dollars and fifty five cents another one. That hasn't really set the world on fire on the dot now the daily trend. Well it is. Listen look the low was nineteen does sixty on the twelfth nineteen dollars fifty so yeah no. There is no uptrend. Even you know molly on dot on that daily Looked on the out. Tie we out back in that cradles. I'm but we don't have much up. Trend and moving average is really not giving me too much to work with that being said it is up three point one percent right now. Twenty three does seventy five like going. A guy look asian daily uptrend right now again not.

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