A highlight from Fantasy Football Implications From The Julio Jones Trade


You will get each and every week. We're getting closer and closer to joe's tears which are very popular. Tiers of dolan cannot wait in august. When we go through that we also starting next week will start to let you know about the best ball drafts against me and john. Ross tucker former. Nfl offensive linemen. That greatly enjoys not only playing fancy. Football but fantasy analysts there psychos. They've got the disease. They've got the sickness they live and breed this thing all day every day. Like our guy. Joe dolan at fg underscore dolan the fantasy gangster from fantasy. Points dot com. Just use the code. Twenty-one there is not a single fantasy website. I'm aware of that has more employees. More contributors than fantasy points dot com. When you guys gonna hire me joe to be your guide already having guy actually as a matter of fact. ross we were. I was asked by somebody just this week. Bow who's your o o line expert on the site and i'm like well you know Kinda just th. That's one of the things that we maybe were missing. Something abe ross talked me after the show i can send you my rankings. We can do it. That'd be awesome by the way. Joe you know. I love you. You're not looking great now number one. We're recording this earlier than we normally do number two. I cannot believe and we're going to get into holi joe. Julio jones trade from both the titans perspective the falcons perspective for fantasy we gotta talk jamison crowder. We've got to talk about some of these minicamp reports on certain skill guys. I can't believe they choked again. Joe i i mean knowing your sixers fan i just have to bring it up. I cannot believe they blew it again. The last three nights have been the worst three consecutive nights of basketball watching in my entire life. Yeah i mean everybody's getting hurt in the nba. And i'm getting hurt ross. I have a terrible hangover. right now. the evan williams poor and last night in l. I stick to the cheap stuff. When when i'm watching basketball because of the chances that i'm gonna drink a lot of it Ross i didn't even have my first one until the second half and I i opened it as a celebratory drink and a roth. I'm disowned so entirely sick of it. The series is over. I understand that but like you know when there's an nba all star. And i'm not naming names here. Who gets a standing ovation for performing basic basketball tasks. Sometimes some point. I just get frustrated. You know i was. I was not a particularly a great basketball player in my mom would tell me it was because i was way too timid and i agree with that when i was playing sports when i was growing up. I was super timid. I if i could do it all over again. I would just be way more aggressive. But one thing i would never be good free virtual I'm a terrible for shooter. An i remember in eighth grade. We were playing for saint james. Cyo we're playing at holy family. Jim and i got fouled late in the game. And i made two free throws and like the the the cheerleaders. The change cheerleaders did like joe rocks house. 'cause the cheerleaders new. I was bad free. Throw shooter and i. This is me in eighth grade.

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