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It would just simply become a uniform and a team name, and they would just be average like everybody else. Yeah, absolutely. Be the Houston Rockets. That's right. They So is that what you want to do to that brand? Yes. Yes, I think so. I'll be honest. I think the Globetrotters are probably like Barnum and Bailey. I just don't think people are going anymore to these kind of things. This kind of entertainment is so old school to me. I'm surprised they're still around to be on God. I miss Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal. Those were the great ones. Yeah, sure. If I knew what that was that sounds like the great Meadowlark Lemon. I I remember Meadowlark Lemon was three quarters. It was a three quarter court shot. And he did it over his shoulder. He was just talking to the audience, and he just kind of threw it over his shoulder. Swish now, I don't know. Amazing. I don't know how on God's earth you practice a shot like that, But he did don't know either. I've always make it under pressure and you make it while you're performing. That's training topic. All right, coming up here, Speaking of being under pressure, how about heading into the stratosphere? You know, everybody seems to want to go into space these days. Well, here's an opportunity. You can do it. It's just not going to be on a rocket. I'll tell you about it coming up next. Let's see what's happening in traffic. Now Bill Jackson is looking at the freeways. Sponsored by Allstate be in Dallas since 6 35 East on the T I Boulevard. There's a record the two right lanes and it's intermittent stop and go Traffic there from Dallas North tollway, then you listen. 1 21 North bomb past Mid Cities Boulevard, There's a rank Southeast Fort Worth on I 20 East Mansfield Highway. The left lanes blocked by an accident. It's backed up past campus drive and in Lake Worth 1 99 Jacksboro Highway is shut down, westbound at Boat Club Drive due to a crash and you can take Hazel Avenue. There is an alternate. You may have heard that all state has new low auto rates. But isn't it time to see for yourself with all state, you can lower your rates, not your expectations. Visit all state dot com or call an agent for a quote today with Kayla of Traffic Bill Jackson. TGS insurance has been saving our listeners lots of money on their home insurance. Traditional companies doing business like always, But TGS has an innovative system is open

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