Joshua Miller: The Lies That Keep You From Our Greatness


Title of the book is i call bullshit. Live your life not someone else's and why i chose. That title was purely. Because when i look at the twenty years of working with leaders and individuals across the country And i've read the books. And i subscribe to the models. I've i've walked on the coals. I've been to the seminars. What i found. Is that a lot of these. Books are great in content. They're great in awe insight but sometimes they lack on the substance of application. What do you actually do with what you just learned. And for me. When i was toying around the idea of writing a book Some people approach me a couple years ago as usual. write a book on leadership development or executive coaching. I said It doesn't with me. There's enough books out there to do that. And as i've been thinking about writing a book for close to three years it hit me. One day where i realized what's missing And what. I would like to read personally as a book that just cut through the bullshit that takes the essence of all of these. The great work that that that people in our industry have done but just D- complexities tapes it. Distills down to what's the bare essence. What is it telling you. What is it teaching. And then how do you go. Apply it because an insight without application is is really just an insight. It's nothing else. So i call bullshit is is has kind of a double meaning. It's one is. I call bullshit not so much on people or the industry but it's really on the conversations were having and it's time that we stop living lies and really start asking ourselves pertinent questions. We gotta get more curious about who we are what we're doing. Stop complaining stopping a victim and start getting curious around. What can we do about it. And that's what this book is really drives home.

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