Who Do You Work For?

The Ziglar Show


Of my favorite stories has to do with something that happened many many years ago. It seems that that was a hot day out. In the midwest is a work crew was working on section of the railroad when this luxury railroad car about four in the whole train and the last one was this gorgeous luxury Caboose and they recognize that made it lay for what it was and then they the wenda opened on that luxury Last car and a voice call out. Is that you name and their son over here. Will anderson was leading that work crew in that hot sun and gm murphy was the boys got he said. Come on over. dave. I wanna doug to you will. They was very happy to get out of that hot sun into that air conditioned car and so i walked over there and he jam greeted each other warmly outside. They went in the had a marvelous visit for about an hour. And they've got ready to go back To the and again He and jim shook hands warmly. Talked another minute out there. And then they went back to his work. Crew and one of the work said dave Do you know who that he is. They said why shirts. Jim murphy prejudice the railroad. He said well. How do you know. Jim marfa so well. He said well over twenty years ago he and i went to work for this railroad on the same day and the worker said. We'll dave how do you explain this. You are still out here working in the sun and he is an air conditioned car and president of the railroad. They've anderson's answer. Is one of the great lessons live when he said well. Over twenty years ago. I went to work for a dollar and seventy five cents an hour. Jim murphy went to work for the railroad

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