WTF is The Beauty Sandwich?


Welcome to breaking beauty. Podcast yvonne first things. First w t f as a beauty sandwich. I have to now suits the perfect beauty bites. It is carb free filled with collagen elastic. And all the things that make you tight and right so I developed pd sandwich. Have been in the beauty industry for over twenty years now as a makeup artist worked in. You know for a lot of the top cosmetic companies as global spokesperson. And when i started in cosmetic dermatology. I really saw a need or you know. There is really not a true noninvasive. Unitive to the botox fillers the lasers at the time. When i when i made the switch a lot of my my clients that were models that i did their makeup. They're like what do you mean. There's no treatment i can do and you know. Be more camera ready you know. I'm not ready for botox and the models weren't the only ones. So you know joint very prominent practice in south florida and that was also what i kept hearing from from sixty women a day. Sixty to seventy women would come in. They'd say you know. I'm here for botox. But i'm terrified. So that's the beauty sandwich is it's a noninvasive. All natural alternative to bow talks fillers and okay and so that's what you mean by the sandwich there's show attack yes it stocked like a sandwich. I stack radiofrequency like a sandwich. So it uses three different types of radio frequency technology to help build collagen alaskan firm titan and lift the appearance official contours and also help with wrinkle reduction.

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