The Meaning in the Making: Why do we make things? Why do we make pictures?

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I'm going to talk to sean. Tucker about being creative. And hopefully it's going to inspire you along the way to keep going with your own make shown tuck it. It's probably important to say. Because though i suspect most if not all the audience listening we'll know you show have heard of you will have come into contact with through through photography film warranty through this podcast though though no of your background with a church in your rocky relationship at times with it is this is the well i i said that correctly because it does feel about is is this book of manifestation of all that time. Learning to the sharing your philosophy from the pulpit. I mean it's not as if you haven't had your published but this is something of a step away from from sharing the shadows the places. You won't photographic isn't it. It definitely links strongly with old. I mean i i. I wrote a book. Ten years ago that wasn't published. It was just me self publishing putting it out about why. I left the church and why wasn't going back but what i felt about what i thought about it. Why did still think it could be a force for good in the world and that was good practice for what i've done with this book but i think that the difference between the two is when i wrote that book before Appetizer of talk about it very much. Because i wrote it for really specific audience. I was talking to people who inch too so they knew that language and i was talking in that language but they were frustrated. Thinking hang on this is about all the wrong stuff kind of confirming that. And i suppose in a way which is why chasten mike it. I was sneaking out the back door with it so in a way. I mean you could argue i. I wrote that first book for no because people in the church didn't want to hear that kind of stuff being critical of the church people outside the church couldn't care less so is it landed in the middle of nowhere being interested in but it was really important for me to write it almost as like catharsis because it actually came out of me going to the counselor at the time when my career chips fell apart and sitting with him for six months retelling the story of the ten years that i worked for the church and going through. What was mike foale. What was other people's fault. What was just because the has been of a messed up institution. What's just because life is complicated. And so separating. All that stuff out as i was doing that right seats myself. I realize this might be a good book.

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