A highlight from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard On Making Microtonal Music During A Pandemic

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You're listening to the world cafe. Hey i'm kalaheo king gizzard and the lizard. Wizard have a reputation for being prolific. They released seventeen studio albums in just over eleven years. But don't think for a moment the throwing everything against the wall as soon as they write it down. The ban will often work on songs for years which speaks to their incredible work ethic and that output continued even in the midst of a global pandemic the ban known for defying genres released two albums during covid k g. And l w the second and third in a trilogy of records that began with flying micro tonal banana that delve into the exploration of micro. Tonal tuning you might be asking yourself. What's micro tonal tuning. Well thankfully bandleader stu. Mackenzie stops by to give us a thoughtful answer and showcases how smart this really is. Another example of not judging a book by its cover or banned by its name. Let's get into it with a bit of their track

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