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In in many ways and and really one of the best satirists around and we'll talk about the death of satire and when it's coming back And that's johnny steel. Johnny will join us in just a minute. Welcome to the show. you know. We're the show that talks about mental health. We talk with comics. Talk with entertainers. We talk with visual and performing artists from all over the world and we not only talk about it but we practice skills. We practice resilient skills because unbeknownst to many people mental health is a practice. It's a topic. It's a great topic. A lot of people are talking about it. Which is wonderful. Erasing the stigma of mental health around mental health. But it's really a practice. We practice everything in life. We practice knitting. Why don't we practiced how we relate to our thoughts and feelings on. Why don't we learn about how our brain works. Well that's what this show is about. And that's why we have jennifer kalari. Jennifer has a wonderful organization called connected. Parenting dot com. She teaches resilient skills. There are books. There's media podcast. There's all kinds of classes that you can take. She teaches about parenting and self parenting. Which is something that i never heard of before and now i understand what it's about. It's very hard to be apparent without self parenting and i can speak from personal experience. My daughter's tell all book will be coming out shortly. Yes so we're learning. We're learning these kinds of things. There's no perfection in it. It's just practicing. Its rehearsing the moments in life. That gives us a trouble and now of course there's a huge This is a huge transitional time when people are trying to figure out how to reenter the world. It's almost like people are trying to reenter the world without realizing that. We've just been through a year of armageddon. How do you deal with. How do you come out of of armageddon. first of all you have to take your armor off. I feel like that and trying to figure that out. And that's what we're going to talk about today on the show part of what we'll talk about is how you come out how you re entered the world. I'm in no rush. I know a lot of people are the people who run high with anxiety. This if you've been lucky enough to be well and safe and have basic needs met. You're actually doing okay. Because you're you're familiar with being anxious but if you're not somebody like that you've been thrown into hell so now that we're going back into life. The anxious people are getting worried again and i. I'm so we'll talk about that. We'll talk about re entering the world. We'll talk about. Add a little. Bit is add and really. I think we've all heard the term. But how does it actually work. And how do you calm an anxious brain like to talk about that a little bit but we always start the show by welcoming people who are listening and no matter what emotional state you're in here are emotional shoutouts if your therapists has suggested doing the hokey pokey to deal with your anxiety. Welcome if you've consulted a ouija board with the question. Is it safe to go to live events. Now welcome if you using hand puppets to communicate your needs with your spouse welcome if you wish there were actually a medicine called a chill pill so you could take a fistful. Welcome if you watch the. Ken burns civil war series. And you thought it was news footage coming from today. Welcome if you've gotten a tarot reading in the queen of resentment card keeps coming up and you don't know what it means. Welcome and if you're beating yourself even dissolves place for you right here on the mental health county podcast. I wanna talk with jennifer jennifer our visitor from the north and the south. The first lady of serotonin the queen of dopamine jennifer. What what's going on first of all. And secondly i'm guessing that you're seeing a lot of people who are maybe even reticent to rejoin the world. Yeah definitely. I mean it's funny because i have clients from all over the world so i'm seeing people in various stages so a lot of my clients are from canada from ontario. And they're not doing so well because they're at the third lockdown and they just extended it for two weeks so my family. My kids that. I work with there. Are there so done. They're just beside themselves. And then my clients in the states in certain parts of europe are doing what you're describing getting back out into the world and i'm definitely seeing an increase in anxiety more kizzee weren't that nervous and parents who weren't that nervous about being there suddenly feeling like it's noisy and his lock going on and what do i do and people are. The comfort of their or discomfort. Again of their homes and teenagers have been in the rooms for a good part of the year. so listen. We're all figuring out as we go along how to manage all this but definitely definitely decrease in social anxiety for sure and just being out in public. How do you open up to this whole thing and open up to the idea that you're gonna feel uncomfortable. You're going to have different different kinds of emotions. You're gonna feel stressed. You're gonna feel all kinds of things what do you do about the dang zaidi over. Is it safe to be out there. Yeah it you know. It's a hard one because it's different for everyone like you know in families were in lockdown. Everyone at different idea of what we save caused a lot of conflict. The same is true for going back out into the world again. I think part of it is just two things. One is just normalizing that everyone is experiencing this. You're not alone like we're all kind of figuring it out. And i even noticed it when i was watching in the middle of the lockdown. It'd be watching. Tv or movies.

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