A highlight from Ep 424 | Should We Beware of the Enneagram? | Q&A


Hey guys welcome to relatable hope. Everyone is having a wonderful day. This is another one of my prerecorded maternity episodes in which we are going to do a q. A i took a lot of your questions off of instagram. you guys are familiar with the format. Now a lotta times. We get very serious or theological questions. And i only get to about three or four today. The questions that. I'm looking at on instagram. Out of really fun questions that. I don't think you're gonna take me quite as long to answer. So hopefully i'll get through quite a few of them. However you just never know because like i say. I'm very verbose it might be. It might remind me something else. And then i might start talking about something now and then. I'll loop back backs actually answering the question so it might take me a while. That's just kinda how it goes. It's how my brain works the. Add that the teachers tried to tell my mom that had growing up it actually While it managed first of all But i actually think that it has It has served me well in my in my current job because it makes me it allows me to think of multiple things at once and then provide you with comprehensive explanations of the things that are going on or the things you guys asked me all right. Let's get into some of these questions someone asks me. What is your favorite music in y. I get a lot of questions. About what kind of music guy like and in my old age. I can't answer. This question is easily as i used to see. I didn't have podcast in high school or even in college. So i would listen to music a lot more than but now i listen to podcasts. Or i listen to audio books or don't listen to anything until typically when i'm listening to music is like worship music it's christian music. I really liked. Shane and shane like chris. Ren's emma is well there's some other artists probably like random dissident. Listen to in like. But i don't do a whole lot of digging for music. They used to. I used to pride myself when i was in high school on like knowing different kinds or like original music. That other people weren't listening to that such high school thing. And i was just like a little bit email just a little bit not like fully email. I'm not talking about like you. Know like super thick eyeliner. Anything like that are wearing all black clothes. But i did dye my hair black in high school. That was more just. Because i wanted to and because i wanted to see how it looked not really because of the imo thing but as far as like the music that i listen to it was pretty email. Pretty alternative now. I still like some of that stuff now. I'm not saying that third eye blind is email but it is alternative rock. I always really liked alternative. I still find myself liking like nineties. That kind of stuff. I don't go actively looking for it and not like jamming to it in my car. All the time. But i'll randomly just get a hankering for some motorcycle drive by or something like that. A third eye blind. I really like the nineties. Eighties nineties in general. Not just for music. I just like the eighties and nineties. If you guys are ever looking for an interesting documentary cnn. I know. i know but they have really interesting. Like i think.

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