A highlight from Are You Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes? RELATIONSHIPS Over Algorithms.

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Jeez ball anyways. So today's episode is with george bryant. He was on the show a few months ago and you loved his brain. You loved his genius. He is digital marketing experts. And he has helped us a ton to scale and grow seoul city. He is the brains behind a lot of the digital marketing. That seoul has done over the last year. Everything from email marketing affiliate marketing social media. I love his brain. It's awesome and i love how he thinks about marketing. We really both share this passion for putting relationships over algorithms. I love that. We are both obsessed with psychology and humans and is so obsessed with putting the customer first. He has really helped us with that. When it comes to seoul it's not about crazy complicated funnels it's not about trip. Wires and anything shady when it comes to sales or marketing it's not about manipulation or these complicated tactics. It's about being honest and being good human and talking to your customer like they're human because they are and we get so caught up with these tactics of digital marketing that we forget that we're talking to people talking to a heartbeat and that takes time and patience and love and respect and sometimes the greatest thing you can do right now in your marketing. Even if it's twenty people on your email list is check in with them and say hey how are you doing. How can i help you. How have i helped you. How can i do a better job of helping you. Just being a human rights. Treat your customer like it's your friends so we were having this conversation. I decided to record it and share it with you. We geek out on marketing. All of the time and i know that this conversation is going to be helpful for you. If you are looking to learn more about marketing and sales and how to sell in a way that doesn't feel icky and sleazy and gross end. You want to sell it away where it feels good. Marketing should feel good. It should feel fun. It should feel expansive. It should feel honest. it should feel like it's an integrity. Shouldn't feel like you're scamming anyone ever. It should feel honest. That's the word that comes through for me. It should feel honest. So check out george at mind of george dot com and then his podcast is mind of george. It is so dang good and similar to me. George started as a wellness blogger and he owned a massive brand called civilized caveman and he is the brains behind some of the biggest brands that you are probably buying and consuming right now vital proteins

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