Biden Tells Intelligence Agencies to Probe COVID-19's Origins


Us president joe biden has called on intelligence in the country to redouble their efforts to investigate the origins of the covid nineteen pandemic. The president's ordered a report to be issued within ninety days amid growing pressure from republicans and the broader scientific community which owning us now is more nichols health science correspondent. Dr chris smith also on the line is louis lukens format. Us diplomat now. Senior partner at cigna global advisors. Thank you both for joining us on the program today and lukens actually start with you on this political pressure. I guess that joe biden is perhaps reacting to can you characterize what what. What is that pressure i can. Who are the main players. The main actors here who are low to offer these tough questions. Well martha sure. I would describe it as pressure on joe biden from from other parties to to carry out this investigation i think he genuinely and and his top scientists agreed that they that we need to have a better understanding of where this virus originated and how it originated. He asked president biden s the intelligence community to do an initial report which he was briefed on recently and he was unhappy with the results of that because the intelligence community was split some of the agencies felt that it was a lab accident and others felt that it was more likely animal to human contact and so he is now asked intelligence community to redouble their efforts as you said an in ninety days produce a report i think he recognizes that they may not have a final answer. He he he wants to say. He says he wants to bring us closer to definitive conclusion. He doesn't say bring us to a conclusion. But i think he feels is important that we have a better understanding in order to prevent future pandemics.

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