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Moskowitz welcome to judaism unbounded so great to have you. He's still for so. I'd love to start with a question that i'm sure you've been asked a million times. But basically how did an ultra orthodox rabbi come to be the scholar and residence for trans and queer studies at a progressive judaism synagogue that is actually the largest lgbt synagogue in the world. And i think what are the first so how did that happen. Rabbi hyman and i met in the back of a police wagon where we both got arrested for civil disobedience over daca. It was in dc about three and a half years ago and in the back of this police wagon. We are all in handcuffs. And there's five melded a vying folks on one side makita a metal partition in the middle of this police. Dan and then five defying rabat's on the other side and rabbi climate says you know bunch of to share toronto share and it's a captive audience role in hand and i just read an article in gender and clothing and so i share these thoughts with her and through the course of the afternoon where we were massive warehouse in also separated by gender. She a little bit of my story. How is a rabbi in harlem at columbia and was now working at a deli lakewood new jersey. I've taken off the day to get arrested. And she got together and created this position for me. Because i wasn't able to find a job in the radio world anymore because of the positions taken very publicly Those positions for me came about As it does most people as a function of proximity someone in my family transitions at a student. Congregation who had transitioned really wasn't kind of authority and also works representation within the rabbinate to create a sacred space for people to be who they are without having to choose between a gender identity and religious identity. In so i kind of started the occupying that space void and cdc showed up as as my ally to give me the platform in the agency to able to do that. It's been a fantastic relationship. That's i think has been surprisingly simple. It actually lacks the complexity of what i think. Most people would assume would be awkwardness of being in both of those spaces. Because i think. Cbs team particular frames. Judaism as being in relationship with tradition. And god it really allows for the commonality of individuality where we're all struggling were journeying. Were also exploring And that way were all equal

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