Ready for a Summer Games Fest?

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So mike you remember when we used to go to the electronic entertainment expo and see a bunch of new video games. Yeah seems like another lifetime ago. It's been nearly two years since last time i was. I was in los angeles for the annual e. Three industry convention obviously last year. It was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic and to fill in the void. Our pal jeff keely created this summer fest which was a series of online streamed events including a preview of playstation five and a bunch of games. And now if you're into games you've probably heard jeff who began covering the industry as a teenager and then in later years began producing the game awards in two thousand fourteen which many of equated to the academy award for video games. Well this summer. He's going to produce the summer games fest again and kicks off june tenth so far participants include Playstation xbox activision to k amazon games electronic arts epic games riot games tencent games and newbie soft. And there's more but that's that's that's gives you an idea it's going to be really well supported and then there's a new. A new independent games will be highlighted in something called days of the davos. Which is a showcase produced by eight bit and double fine productions which is one of our favourite game developers and they've made some super games including full-throttle second thoughts and grim fandango. I'm not sure if you're a fan or not but rock band. Weezer live on this june tenth broadcast. And you can watch on all the major streaming platforms including twitch twitter youtube. We have all the links in my story on tech usa. Today dot com they'll be more musical performances and special guest announced in the coming weeks jeff said and in the announcement came out. But what's really going to be. Interesting is if when and how the summer games i might conflict and come right up against e. three which is back this year but we'll be all online and streamed.

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