Think Like Amazon With Business Advisor, Author John Rossman


One of the things that i've thought a lot about you know. Obviously since the pandemic is companies like amazon amazon probably being the number one non government entity have become an essential service in the united states if we think about the pandemic and we think about how much most of us relied on amazon. You know when people bitch about the company for one reason or another. Maybe there's legitimate things to you know but this is a private company started by an entrepreneur. Who how old is the company now. John twenty five years roughly twenty five years. Roughly twenty five years and in twenty five years becomes an essential service. Not unlike the internet itself or electricity. Or do you think. I'm over my skis. On that assessment. I think You touch on several really important points there. The i is. It doesn't get highlighted enough. That i think amazon. And jeff bezos is the american story. Right here is a guy who bet on himself. Pushed all of his chips into the center. Risked a great career great job a left. The yearly bonus behind left shaw moved to seattle and it doesn't happen right away right like like it's not like oh it's the success. It takes literally two decades for them to really become the juggernaut that we know of right and i was an amazon for four years early. Two thousand two through late two thousand five stock was essentially flat all four of those years. It was flat for about four years. After i left jeff believed and acted exactly the same then as he does now. And that's where these leadership principles the fire of where these things were born from wasn't in good time. It was in bad times times when people weren't believing us the stock was down. We were being doubted. We weren't getting all the business results that we want it. He acted exactly like he acts.

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