A Desperate Writer Steals 'the Plot'

The Book Review


Let's start with the premise of this book. And i i want to say upfront. There are a number of big twists plot to us in this book and we are not going to give away anything. So if you haven't read the book please don't fear. We will not ruin it for you. But give us the premise. The is about a a writer who i think we can. Safely say has failed is failing is well on his way to complete obscurity and he is seen in a pretty bottom of the barrel. Mfa program a low residency mfa program in into his classroom into his depression about his life walks. Just the worst of all possible students. He's arrogant he's dismissive. He has no time for anybody especially his teacher. Jake and he basically says i donate any of you people because i am writing this great novel that is going to be so successful that all of the good things that we book world are aware are going to happen to this novel. And jake ecorse dismisses this as the the arrogance of the young and the the early career writer the untried writer but then during a private conference he actually. Here's this plot and he unfortunately realizes that everything that this guy has said is going to come true. Some years later when he's even closer to the terminus of his own career he discovers that this young man has died and has died pretty soon after their encounter air. Go there is no book. There's not even a manuscript. There's only this story and as any writer would agree. This is a story that has to be told so. He writes his own novel with the story and all of the good things that his former student has predicted come true but he can't really enjoy it because he so terrified that somebody is going to step out of the shadows and accused him immense. Somebody does and the rest of the novelist really about his trying to steer clear of this person tried to avoid the disaster that this person represents for his professional life in his personal life and also ultimately to find out who this person is and where the story came. Pro-

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