Congolese Residents Flee Goma Amid Warning of Second Volcanic Eruption

UN News


Hundreds of thousands of people would likely need assistance in eastern democratic republic of the congo or drc as people in goma continue to flee the threat of further eruptions by mount nyiragongo un humanitarian said the first eruption on the twenty second of may killed over thirty people and the gohmert volcanological observatory has warned that the risk of a new rupture is israel. The un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs or archer said on friday. It reported strong tremors on thursday one of them measuring four point nine on the richter scale along with large traffic jams out of goma with some four hundred thousand people potentially on the move you in children's fund unicef one third. Two hundred eighty youngsters may need help. The agency said that many of those who left game in the first wave headed to nearby sake which is an area produce cholera outbreaks where at least nineteen suspected cases have been recorded in. The last two weeks needs already high in this part of the country. North kivu where more than two million are already internally displaced and three and ten are severely food insecure

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