A highlight from 3413: This Is Great News w/ Courtney Maginnis


Welcome to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. I'm ladies and gentlemen and everybody else and i can't believe i did it again for real. It's so so it's so hard to hey peeps. It's fantastic comedian. And host of narcissist as corny mcginnis. My god who missed me who misery. Buddy thirty brought my cup of wine. And i'm ready to chat. How are you guys. It's i love the subtlety. When we were first on mike checking i was like something's missing from court sir. Do you have a glass of wine. She pulls it from just outside of shot and now it's here and now everyone feels comfortable and can breathe. Welcome you ray of sunshine. I don't know if this comes in a glass for you or your like this all the time but it's a dream. Why don't you ask that when my husband's on. Because i think he would beg to differ that i'm like i'm so he should. He should carry mike and just when he asks you a question. Point the mike at you be like you mother. Oh i mean what is this recorded band. Are you a happy drunk and angry. Drunk cassatt drunk. Where does it get too. I'm very happy drunk okay. Late league pandemic wise. I discovered this deep anger within me. I'll get mad at casey and he'll be like why are you mad at me and i'll be like i have no idea just like but overall i'm a happy drunk and you guys wouldn't even believe this but i've been drinking a lot less lately. I can't even believe it. It's like i'm out doing comedy and it's like just i feel refreshed revived on not just like drinking whisky on my couch every night. If i feel. I feel very fresh lately. So there's just shift in energy. Are you pregnant. No okay i i. I was like in the shower before this. Hello visual and i was like what are they going to want to talk to me about. And i'm like. I've been married a year and a half. I know they're going to ask me about kids. But i'm ready to get into it. Everyone's been asking we all. I only meant because you're suddenly getting upset. And you know there's there's a shift so i wanted to blame casey but i thought maybe i'd blame it on your sick body. It's my uterus. The uterus again honestly i could just be on my period mike when you said to kinda wanna cry right now that but you guys. Are you careful lovers. I got an iud baby. You wanna say no. How much of that one is gone. Now i gotta i d. We're going to wait at least another year or so. My big plan is to take a year off of my job. You guys know my job. And so i wanna take a year off and just like fully go for comedy and do film special. Do something with like a year of my time and Yeah because i feel like everyone got a break this year for those of the haven't been working and i did not get that and i feel like i deserve that before. We like Never have free time ever again because of children. What's what's your job again. I work and fashion. Obviously at this white t shirt and you can take your work home with you right exactly. I had to dress like a slob. When i'm on stage do you. Will you be able to leave fashion for a four year and understand what's going on a year later. I think so. It's pretty much and this is kind of like industry. Insiders secret is the same bullshit over and over. We are just now living in a world. That i'm just sketching the same things. I sketched in two thousand and three. So it's really just. I'm like oh i remember the stuff and we're just going through it again. Is it almost like comedians looking up all jokes like oh another school shooting this from two months ago. Exactly okay. you telling keith that. He should keep that shirt that he's been wearing since two thousand three as kind of back in the end of cutoff muscle tank. You've really warned. It's like the moms in the nineties that were wearing still wearing those wide leg jeans now. They're just hipsters. So you know they like come full circle plus i steal them from fancy gym. I go to so they have to have some kind of fashion. It's fashion for you to call again. Anna wins or on the pod. How are you guys going to celebrate memorial big plants. I mean i told you. i haven't been drinking a lot. So i'm gonna go ahead and amp that i'll day and kind of gifts the world courtney moment you could for you me and my girlfriends now. Is this gonna dance on a folding table. You have one. I'll get one night. Can your special be calling like dance on a folding table. That is so good. Perfect it might first option for my specials called white noise also up but dancing on a folding table really gonna capture my s. You ever get nervous. You're going to be on one of those instagram. Meam sites girls getting hurt or drunk space stupid. Yeah you know that i. I called my cousin in an emergency. Because i thought she got dropped on barstool. Sports was living in boston. This was years ago. She was living in boston. And i watched this girl in a miniskirt and high heeled bits. All my cousins are like me. And i saw this girl dancing. Look just like my cousin. This guy picks her up and she falls face. I think i think you're on par store. You okay but what is just. Is this a website where women dance on barstools and fall. It's like a fail thing dushi but some one of my other cousins sent sorry no shade. No shit no shit any of your podcast but the like these type of sites that show accident after accident after accident and usually drunk and you don't feel battle exactly like it was my family so i didn't really feel bad but it was more like a claim to fame. Does that make sense sure. We're happy for her. I was i was like your game is trending but it ended up. Not being hers not hurt. It was not her. So that's why the story isn't that good. But i taught at anyways. Sure until he said it like both like sliding doors if it was her. We'll go this way with the story was bought one day. It could be me well. I'll tell you something exciting We're going on. We're going on a little vacation. Me and my girlfriend and i'm borrowing somebody's car and it's the first time i've driven in years and it feels so weird and by the way he wasn't good years ago like it doesn't help that it's been years or maybe it does like we're all hoping he reset in some way like now he's an adult and before and maybe maybe glasses will help like maybe i don't know because something was wrong and i hope we fix because he borrowed a friend's car and she's just she's a high pressure anything for a laugh met. Don't work so i'm driving on this. You know four lehner. And i'm in the middle and i just look around. I'm like what i'm doing. You have competent.

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