TSA Sets Pandemic Record With Nearly 2 Million Screened

MSNBC Morning Joe


Script nearly two million travelers heading into the long weekend. The highest number of passengers screened during the pandemic so a lot of people on the move and lows looks like look site. Things are starting to open backup. Looks this memorial. Day weekend really. It was that opening that that we were hearing about last eastern than last memorial day and then last fourth of july and then last thanks. It's finally it's finally upon us it is. I mean we should never forget the speed with which this vaccine rollout has happened speed in this jail. You mentioned The speed with which the vaccines were divided but the second most important thing is how quickly you get them into people's arms and we have i mean i think there's been anything like this on this scale In american public health history. I'm we're now beginning to see the fruits of that. So It's a very different memorial day to the one we had last year. Where if you remember trump saying everything. Should i put up again and kinds of wacko theories this this is for real this time and for the right reasons

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