Building The First Black Woman-Owned Boutique Hotel in Marrakech

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Recently. Visiting marrakech morocco. I had the pleasure of sitting down with mary. Ann and learning more about her life as a hotel owner guests that stay at her hotel gets a take in the rich global an african identity that she has incorporated across the resort to encourage visitors and guests to experience the culture and traditions of morocco. Maryanne first degree may have been in law but her heart has always been in architecture design and the arts. This is maryanne wealth-building story. Hello my name is maryanne. And you're listening to millennial wells builders so. I come from a family where we would never talk about money but we would talk about education and studies and the key to a good lifestyle like fortunately our parents were able to give us was to study. I mean this was the thing was it was not even questioned. It was obvious that we would go to university and have a good job and be independent as a woman i was. I never considered that. I would count of on the income of husband it. I was going to be feared us. Fiercely independent and i think this was my only connection to money because you know you study. You have a good job and you have money but this is not the purpose. The first thing is to develop your own personalities through education well first of all. I'm an accidental auto-pay. It was not an objective. I came to being a two year. Because i love design and architecture and i discovered morocco which was america. She's three hours flight. From where i'm from paris lawyer and and i designed to house and then i had to get an income out of it so by default it became a hospitality project. And then to my own. How you say to my own amazement. It became a project where everybody wanted to go

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