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Welcome to the spivey special podcast where we talk about food in the nineties and whatever else we can think of talking about sometimes sports but mainly ten or late love food. We are going to go hard on one food topic this week. And it's one we started off with. Its the super secret topic of episode. One which you'll see as not on our feet so we're bringing it back were designated off arguably the best of all the foods and we get a full upset today. We are talking about pizza. Just pizza to every heavier body loves pizza. We're going to pieces the green equal try. Everybody loves beets denzel washington and you got pizzas only to equalize exactly all right. So we're gonna start off We're gonna talk about everything that we can talk. Think about about pizza. So we're going to start off with our All the ingredients pizza so we're going to break it down all the way down to numbers we're going to talk about some crazy pizza styles that we found an answer. Some weird pizza questions towards the end of the show. So we're gonna have a lot of fun. Let's start off with toppings on pizza. Which is the fun part of pizza. I think is the creativity that you can get with pita. Yeah you're gonna have your bread your sauce. You choose your toppings but the toppings vigors but changes from a great pizza to send average pizza. We're going to start off with our toppings. We're gonna start with meets. We're gonna start probably with our our main meat which is going to be pepperoni. That's the classic that you see on all of them. It's something you don't eat on anything else we don't. Do you ever decide like a pepperoni sandwich. Sometimes i'll just go and get a handful Just go for like you're going to be making homemade pizzas something but you're never really going to cover very much anywhere else. no As a lot of good pepperonis there's a lot of different types of pepperonis. I like See you have your really big pepperonis like the thinly sliced pig pepperonis. I like to learn like ones that are like the little cup of greece. A little bowl. I slow kind of fried up almost in a way that kind of curl crunch to them. Yeah they don't start that way but they can occur love when you come east. You gotta have a good though. That's the difference between a good pizza and a an and like a gas station pizza or like a lunch ables. Pepperoni has to have a little bit of spice but not too much worse can overpower the tastes the pizza. It's gotta give you a little a little kick. Their in a guy like myself who doesn't really like spice that much. That doesn't take much for me. My pepperoni all right other acceptable meets on your pizza shape. Probably your number to me top. Yeah a little bacon bacon. Bits little maybe chicken little everything. i think. The though the sleeper me is like a good. Salami i was just gonna say salami for me i don a deli sandwich. Were actually going to talk about One of the weird styles. A pizza that includes salami but like salami on a pizza. I don't know what pizza is that we got that all had just a things. So armee a good combo or good me. We'll definitely always have salami so it's one of those meets that just gives it a little bit something but again doesn't overpower. It just gives you. That is slow palatable. The just renewed in a good pizza. I don't know if i'm a meatball or Ground beef pizza unless it's part of like a theme like a taco pizza or something like that. Yeah my thing is you. Don't wanna get too fancy with your mates. You don't wanna go like shrimp or steak or tried to at least one that had like sushi on it and i'll like nuts. That's not pizza. I don't think you want to do too much with your pizza. A good pizza has good bones and just isn't trying to get to while. Stick to your classics pepperoni. Gotta be your till for meat. Sausages up there is always good. Linguists really good. That's that's just like a fancy type of bacon so yeah in two. You gotta play off of work in other parts. Pizza's going to be thing about the cheeses. You have talk about here in a minute in. Your sauces are very important and also the veggies and fruits as you put on your pizza to the all kinda gotta play well together. You can't just have you know your toppings or cheeses no isolate in the ball. You gotta give good ball movement when it comes to a good pizza bill. I let's move onto veggies slash fruits. There's only a handful of fruits that you're gonna put on a pizza. Basically tomatoes tomatoes tomato. I'm a big tomato slice guy. Just throw that up there. I think that gives you gives you a little. You know liquidity feel you know kind of like not too early in the cooking process. Maybe throw it on towards the end so it's just slightly warmed because you don't want all the juices from the tomato soaking through and making it a extra soggy but i can get sliced tomato on pizza definitely. Is there another fruit. You'd put on a pizza pie now. Oh okay we'll sell pain young jalapeno of fruit seeds. I just assumed it was. But i had a pizza the other day. It had a grilled peppers holiday. You know the is a really good combo peach. I thought like the jalapeno pineapple combination spicy sweet. Usually it doesn't for me but there's not a lot of pizzas that i would like pineapple on hammer. Pineapple works. i don't know why those two things work. We didn't talk about ham on a pizza. But that's one of those situations. I don't want ham on most other ones. I don't understand that combo works but it does very good give and take. Let's move onto veggies. Although i don't wanna get too technical on what's a fruit matz veggie. I just start with mushrooms. Which i don't think is either of those things. It's kind of its own thing but mushrooms marley turnaround and pizza. Yeah i like a good all of on their. You know different types of olives to the greek. Warren's normal black one's gotta

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