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Okay. This next receiver is a guy that you and i are. differ a lot on and with twenty fifth pick of the second round. The la rams selected to at well from louisville. Receive our end. I get their concerns. Ideal disguise five nine hundred fifty five hundred sixty pounds. People are questioning whether he's gonna be physical enough in the nfl. however this is a player. The i compare to markey's brown. I think that in order to be successful. He's going to have to gain a little bit more weight. But i think that to out will be able to develop especially with the la rams who don't need in the -sarily to be great outta the gecko. But i think that the upside for two atwal is especially there especially if he's going to have the matthew stafford throwing the ball and so it was back to murky brown when he was in college him and he had similar stats. Which is why. I'm bringing up the comparison the first place in his junior. He had seventy five receptions for one thousand three hundred eighteen yards in ten touchdowns. Now let me bring up to two atwal stats from his sophomore season. And they were very similar which end so to atwell in his sophomore year he had sixty nine sevens for one thousand two hundred seventy two yards and eleven receiving touchdowns and so these two guys. Besides the fact marquees brown ways a little bit more to travel or comparable. And if you're an you're seeing now to to out while falling to the fourth maybe even fifth out of your dynasty da and for me. I think that's a little bit ridiculous. Because for a guy that had a similar career to marquees brat and his cod season and similar upset that he should be considered a third round prospect for you and your dynasty rookie draft. And i'd say right now. Marcus brand is probably a second round. Pick but i think he could be worth a second or the round pick and this guy. Who's extremely fast as well. I think he's going to create separations and he's not just the speedster. He's not just the speedster he he gets receptionist as well on anyone who puts up almost thirteen hundred receiving yards in college. Season is a guy that is a good all amount of receiver as well. So don't just think of him as a speedster guy gonna occasionally break open deep here and there so yeah. I'm a big fan of to at wall of the i know Oh and one one last thing. He was picked in the second round so clearly. The rams do have a plan for two while. They're not just investing a second round pick in a receiver that they don't see being a great receiver in the long term and this by the way was the rams first pick all draft. If i'm correct so they might have even viewed him as a late first round pick. We don't know. But the fact that they spent their first round pick onto to By having good receivers shows you how much demands believe into Anyways kyle the floor is yours as to why you don't believe in to atwell. Well it says so much that i don't believe in two two at well. It's the fact. That so i am from louisville in. I watched a lot of this kid. He is a very good receiver. I agree with you. He's not just a burner. he is a good polish receiver and a lot of facets of football but my biggest problem is literally is just. This is and the fact that he's completely buried on the depth chart. I don't see any Any possibility of him getting in and becoming a number one receiver on that team like anytime. Soon robert woods. Anne cooper kupp. Both resigned extensions For last year So you already got those positions locked up now. You lose josh rhinos. But they already spent high draft capital on jefferson. Dan jefferson last year. So that position was already and then they spent another was a third or early fourth round. Pick onto harris harris could be used as a tight end. I think a lot of people saying he's going to be a tight end he he. They say he's listed as a tight end but he also weighs about twenty so if anything he's going to be like a a move titan. I don't see him being like inland blocker. But you already have tyler higby as well. You know it's just it's just a really crowded And you also have to sean jackson that they stopped they brought in you know so i. I'm just not sold that there's any opportunity for at least in the first year to now you like you said maybe a if you invest in this guy at the late third fourth round Me personally i'd rather just take dark throws on running backs. At this point you know even a third. The guys are projected to be thirds shrink or shrink. You know a rash of injuries and all of a sudden guys are going to get plight. Be starters and they're going to be valuable. You can train them. You know it would take a stream lee amount of circumstances for for you to for him to get on the plainfield him to productive enough for another team to to trade for him. It's just wide receivers just a position that you know if you don't put up stats people don't really wanna trade for him at all. I mean it's as simple as that you know and i know he has draft capital That's about the only thing. I think he has known. Form at one hundred fifty five pounds. I just don't know if it's worth the headache you know. But then again it only takes one person to trade and if you're only drafting him with the mindset of trading him than you're probably not gonna draft to tell to till In the first place. And if i don't know if it necessarily applies to atwells value the fact that the community hates him. Because there's going to be at least one guy and if you put up the stats. People are going to be willing to trade for him. So i i get that point but at the same time. I don't know if that necessarily applies to At wellness fair. Knock about the onto to at atwill. Because it's not actually something that to two at walt dead. It's more of the perception that people have about two. But it's it's what he didn't do. He didn't gain the weight which i think he will in the way he's still what in nineteen twenty years old. I think he's still

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