A highlight from INFAMOUS: The Signal Mountain Murders

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On the evening of july ninth nineteen eighty eight in the woods of signal mountain in southeastern tennessee. A family adventure is about to get underway. Signal is actually a town and not the official name of a specific mountain. But it's what the locals call their part of walden's ridge. The population growth has been slow over the past one hundred fifty years or so but as more people have into the region. More public land has gone into private hands signal mountain. Is this really gorgeous. Suburb of chattanooga covered in rolling hills and ridges breathtaking skies and trees as far as the eye can see signal. Mountain is situated kind of between a pair of good sized natural markers the chicken maga and the chattanooga national military park to the south and the prentice cooper state forest to the east with the signal point lookout right there on walden's ridge listed as military park district now for visitors it's an outdoorsy persons paradise and the perfect place to get back to nature without going too far off the beaten path for local residents. Who spent their whole lives learning these woods. It's home so tonight with that in mind. A woman named martha mason isn't all that worried as she stands outside her house watching her husband richard their son in law kenneth griffith and kenneth earl smock get ready to head out to a local swimming spot called the blue hole. The blue hole is a really popular spot and something of a landmark in the region and it also happens to be one of kennedy's places on earth. It's like three miles. North of the masons house located just off tennessee river. Richard kenneth and roll are totally ready for a good time like they've got the cooler packed and everything richards his pistol packed in his. Atv's toolbox just in case which i mean to me at least is totally in line with being in such a rural area totally now. There aren't any roads that lead to the blue hole so to get there. The three men have to off road. It and since. Richard knows the land so well and all three guys are experienced atv writers. Martha's not worried about like them at all. She and her daughter. Paula stay in the yard with them for a little. While hanging out chatting with the men they like rev their engines and get pumped up for their ride and finally at around six pm. They take off for the swimming hole. So martha and paula with goodbye and go back inside. Men still aren't back. At by the time martha goes to bed but she's not worry that is not until the next morning when she wakes up and richard kenneth and earl still haven't come home as she told unsolved mysteries for their segment about this story at first martha things.

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