How Do You Stop an Employee From Undermining You?


Hey guys i thoroughly enjoy your podcast been scrolling through episodes but i can't find one on dealing with a subordinate who is trying to undermine you buy always going above your head to your supervisor. Keep up the good work. And i thought about the first thing i thought was. There's no way we haven't talked about that before and But know what maybe we have. I don't know if you've done a full episode on it and if we have it's been years there's no it's not recent for sure But i thought it was a great question because there are a lot of people. They're dealing with the exact same thing. Where you you have somebody reporting directly to you and they don't whatever whatever the situation is they don't like something you say or they don't like something you've asked them to do or they don't like one aspect of their job and they decide to that that's not they're not gonna have anything of it but instead of going to you they go above. Your head has ever happened to you many times. Yes many times in my career i think. Is you Especially if you work in an organization or with teams where you get promoted within the same team. There are these previous relationships that already exists. There may be peers of yours that applied for the same exact job. And so now like you know there's this kind of feeling about well and you do right or wrong. They're going to go report. You know like these are all these things that happen in the workplace. the people that now reports you and or work for you had access or they'd had relationships with your direct supervisor or boss and when that happens this tends to happen quite often. And i've had it happen to me as i was a supervisor as i was an assistant manager and then even as a leader of leaders right. It's been a while But it did happen to me. When i took over team that had direct access to my direct boss for for quite a while a few months or so. There was these relationships that were stabbed there where that person was the resource And me coming in the new leader. You know had to navigate those types of relationship. So i've seen it happen quite a few

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