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He says Coronavirus variants appear to be more contagious. We have the alpha variant, which was the British one, which was 50% more transmissible or so now Delta is 50% more transmissible to that. Dr Jarosinski says Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have worked well, and 99% of those testing positive now are not vaccinated. L a county is requiring masks indoors again starting at midnight. Health officials in Nevada advising people to wear masks again. The southern Nevada Health District says the rising covid 19 case numbers and the drop in vaccination rates in Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County are the reasons behind the recommendation. The guidance advises vaccinated and unvaccinated people to wear masks in crowded settings, including stores, large events and casinos. Federal health officials say 2020 has been the deadliest year on record for drug overdoses more than 93,000 people died last year. Health experts say the social isolation and trauma brought on by the pandemic is likely fueling the spike in overdose deaths. A person from Texas is recovering from a case of monkeypox. The CDC says the person was infected when they traveled from Nigeria to Dallas last week. Officials say they are contact racing to see if anyone else Anyone else on the flight was infected. Monkey pox is a pretty rare illness, but people are normally able to recover without complications. It can last for up to a month, and symptoms include swollen lymph nodes and a rash. Oh, baby, you got what I need. Rapper Biz Markie has died. The rapper known for the hit Just a friend died yesterday was 57, the Harlem born rapper had

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