A Look at Farallon Industries


Couple of months ago. I told you about a guy who dropped off some vintage scuba quip at the shop. One of the regulators was an old poseidon cyclone and that spurred me to segment on poseidon here on the show. I also mentioned that the cyclone was complete with a set of farallon gauges and that there were a pair of farah line fins that were unfortunately torn so they got me thinking about doing some additional research on fairlon and doing a segment here on the show. I gotta tell you. Researching on industries was a bit of a challenge. It was difficult for me to piece the information together. So some of this may be a little bit out of sequence. Let's start at the beginning. Or what i think is the beginning from my research. I believe it was somewhere around. Nineteen sixty nine. That guy named ralph osterhaudt was working on a diver propulsion vehicle or dp that he called the mark one. It seems that this was pretty successful. Product and the us navy decided to purchase two dp marquand from ralph and it appears that that's when he started foulon industries. Farallon is the name of a small group of islands about twenty six miles due west of san francisco. I wasn't familiar with the farallon islands but found out some interesting stuff about them from what i read. They were originally called the islands of the dead by native americans and then given the name farallon meaning cliffs by the spanish. I'm not exactly sure. Why ralph named is company farallon industries. Farallon was based in belmont california which is between san francisco in palo alto on the san francisco bay side. The address was listed as one three three three old country road. But when i google map data address it came up with one three three three county road now. I like to take a look at the street view at these locations to see what it looks like today and today one three three three county road in belmont california looks like a self storage facility. One of the ways that i researched founded on industries was to look back at old trademark registrations impacts when registering a trademark or patent near sometimes a description of the business on one of those registrations the businesses described as as a california corporation producing goods and services for skin and scuba divers equipment namely self-propelled vehicles for transporting scuba divers. Interestingly i saw a fair aligned dp up for auction just yesterday. I think one of their most famous patents was also in early one. It looks like it was around seventy one and that was the shock dart famous because of its uses a prop in nineteen seventy five blockbuster draws the shark dart is described in the patent as a compressed gas injector weapon including parts. Therefore you may also see these come up for auction from time to time and complete rig gets pretty pretty expensive now. There were a whole lot of patent issued to caroline industries in the nineteen seventies. It looks like it looks like there was another row involved with foulon who is also inventor and that was ralph sham champion in an old article that i read who's identified as the president of farah line industries and was listed on a number of different patents. So let's take a look at some of these products in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. It looks like they submitted a patent for a decompression indicating instrument and it said it was an analog computer then in one thousand nine hundred seventy five. They produced a pressure gauge and started to design fins over time. They introduced the farah thin the fahrenheit which was a rechargeable hand-held light and then in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight farallon industries was issued a patent for a pilot regulator that said it incorporated a novel valve assembly in the second stage in the form of a unique main diaphragm valve and a pilot valve assembly. Now i did try to trace. What actually happened to farrell on. There's some indication that it was acquired by a company called tacna. But if you look on the oceanic website they say that. Bob hollis took a big step forward with oceanic when he acquired foulon industries around nineteen seventy six giving oceanic full line of scuba equipment with an innovative line of instrumentation products. I'm not exactly sure when oceanic stop branding their products with the farallon logo. I did find a price list and catalog. from nineteen seventy eight. They're still showed a lot of the farallon. Products including their low profile pragmatic mask their patented molded mouthpiece swim snorkel. The farah light farah fins and all their instrumentation they were also still producing four versions of their diver propulsion vehicle. The mark to the mark sri mark for mark five. Interestingly in that cadillac. I did see that. Both the farallon. An oceanic logos were shown together. And oh by the way you could still get the shark dot and he came in two flavors the magnum supreme in the magnum super. Well i knew. When i started this research on farallon line industries that would be a little more challenging than some of the other companies that i've researched farah line. Industries wasn't around very long but it looks like they did some really interesting

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