A highlight from S5E6: Rick and Mortys Thanksploitation Spectacular


To you live from turkey town. You say we're turkeys are like people in the hunt people like turkeys. There's a baseball team that turkey town. Humans and they're doing alright might not win the championship. But the but if they do interviews them here on the unofficial. Rick and morty podcast. Hello everybody i'm travis. Hello everybody i'm brandon. And i guarantee if they win the championships it will be. It'll be a miracle but burst. Shirt i have an inside inside Connection that we can we can. We can get them on. We can get on at least the the superstar. Yeah yeah i mean there are dog for sure the the humans are underdogs. But you never know They they they could. They could see a championship happen. So if that happens you'll hear it here first on are says the unofficial rare commodity podcast. So happy you're joining us for weeks. Six is it really six six weeks into. We're already on the downhill of season. Five of rick. And morty unbelievable kambli we've come so far. We haven't passed out in the process. Can you believe travis No no i can't. I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I mean. I kind of believe it. 'cause 'cause we we're gonna put it on a pole on rick and morty pod at rick and morty pot on twitter you let us know do you believe and you believe it and we interested to see what you guys What unity you have to say. Please go follow us over on twitter at recommended. Yeah at

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