Are You Practicing 'Real Food Keto'?


Today i'm talking about how to set up your kito meal plan really how to dial in your daily diet to help enhance fat burning to reduce cravings and so we look at this. I think we gotta understand as we gotta practice real food kito so we want to really focus on food that provides the most nutrients and the least amount of toxins and so with real food. Kito were prioritizing food quality. Again we want maximal nutrients minimal toxins. Were looking at grass-fed organic animal products looking at really good healthy fats. Sources like avocados olives olive oil coconut oil nuts seeds. Things got fermented vegetables getting shower crowds from pickles in our diet. Kimchi things like that. So we've got literally live foods. Foods that have good bacteria and enzymes salvador digestive system. We want really good quality seafoods. We won't wild caught seafood. We want low carb veggies fruits and herbs. So what people say. How do you eat fruit on a ketogenic diet while you certainly can do lemons and limes avocados and olives are actually fruit and possibly a little bit of berries if you are pretty well keno adapted and you're not super insulin resistant. And then herbs we want to really be able to utilize herb's herbs go underutilized in our society but adding things like basil oregano. Thyme rosemary these things are verbs are very good for our digestive system so they help reduce cramping bloating gas. They help move our bowels effectively. So we get good movement through our bowels and they're also anti-microbials they helped kill off bad bacteria yeast parasites and they support a healthy microbiomes healthy makeup of good bacteria in our gut. So be sure to try to get these herbs in your diet on a regular

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