Congressman Darrell Issa: The Jan. 6 Commission Is a Sham


Issa congressman. I said welcome back to america. I well good to be back on. And when it comes to two nations nobody matches you so. I'm happy to take the compliment from a source. That knows what i will have to kind. That's to kind okay. Let's let's talk business. You mentioned in the break how busy we must be fighting. Insurrections and getting committee stood up your reaction to the fact that nancy or shall we call him. shall we called him. Marie-antoinette doesn't want to have any truth telling republicans on her committee so has she really made a mistake now congressman. Is it now not clear to everyone that the january the six quote unquote commission is just a political sham. It is a political sham. It's going to be bipartisan but without a disagreement at the start as to any aspect of it because she has managed to pick people who already agree with her at least she believes they do and Starting of course with liz cheney. She's got somebody who Has basically said that the republican party and anyone who said that there were irregularities in arizona or pennsylvania are inherently un-american and likens us to the people on the wrong side of the civil war The reality is our constitutional obligations were met. She chose to go and other way but nancy. Pelosi wants to turn all of that into a january six once in a millenium Sort of a claim And she's going to run that through with this sham commission.

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