Professor Paul Kengor and Mark Levin Share the Same Analysis of 'Marxism'


Professor. Congress is precisely only a fool a Marxist forward, try to refashion the centerpiece of all man's humanity, the alpha and the omega around something like class for Karl Marx or race for the modern CRT advocates. What could be more demeaning. What could be so contrary to Judeo Christian values? That's what Marxism does, from its classical form to its modern American forms were less Children of God than products of class, race and gender. Here live in quotes the very worst of them. Richard Delgado jeans Stefan Sick and D a N D. Angelo for whom races everywhere and everything as his racism. As the antidote to this dehumanizing world. You live in quotes Dr Wyatt T. Walker, who was very close to representative Excuse me to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. And in his essay in 2015 when he wrote was Steve Kalinsky. Steve Kalinsky. Walker stated. Today. Too many remedies such as critical race theory, the increasingly fashionable post Marxist postmodernists approach. It analyzes society has institutional group power structures. Rather than on spiritual or 1 to 1 human level are taking us in the wrong direction. Separating even schoolchildren into explicit racial groups. And emphasizing differences instead of similarities. Unlike Dr King's vision of judging people by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin. Walkers. Views of civil rights were rightly based on religious values, humanism, not Marxism and critical race theory. The roots of critical race theory are planted in entirely different intellectual soil. Walker out Begins with blocks with each person assigned to an identity or economic bloc, as in Marxism. Yes, says percent Professor as in Marxism. That is an Americanism. That's what Mark Levin understands so well, especially given previous works of his such as rediscovering Americanism. American marks and is quintessentially UN American. People in America professing this noxious junk, maybe Americans in terms of citizenship. With all the rights and liberties and protections afforded thereof. But they are not Americans the way the founders of this country envisioned. America is less a place that an idea, said Ronald Reagan. It is indeed The ideas of America as it was formed by the direct antithesis of the ideas. A car marks. And his perverse heirs who today pushed their insidious new forms of American Marxism. Especially at our awful universities. And what Mark Levin shows above all is how un American American Marxism really

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