A highlight from Part 2: Bill Downes, Jay Privman, Seth Merrow


And I won't go into it now but Coming from aaron you go to A part part of the answer about the breeding of bandbox at he and he said it was it was either tap its first or second year and he thought that he was going to be A productive sire Before you know anything really it happened and He was a bargain Perceived as a bargain and You know that the mayor herself that empty the basis who got bandbox Actually was rejected. The she was put in he was trying to get her covered by somebody else. And the farm Said now you know. She's got no pedigree she's not you know she we. We don't want you know we can't let you breathe. The whoever the sire was. I'm not i'm not going to press To to see who so he. He breeds to to tap it. Instead he ends up with the wonderful bandbox. Pretty funny Yeah and he said boy sadly He also says he bred a similar mayor To tap it. Or did he say let me see red her back to tap it and no one another may he same year. He said he bred another mayor to tap. It and the mayor was hit by lightning in the field killed. Unbelievable i tell you it'll test your this game will test your metal like nothing else. Unbelievable i i hear bill downs in the background bill. Good morning. good morning steve. You know what you know what test your metal in shelbyville is the weather. Yeah fact i keep on telling people people. Don't wanna listen to me. But i'm telling you the wettest month in

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