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Welcome counter clock listeners to the long awaited bonus. Qa episode for season. Three joining me. Today is the executive producer. Who i think needs no introduction ashley flowers. Hello thank you for joining us. Ashley course it's come as no surprise to both of us. Though that the counterclockwise. Inbox has received more than a thousand listeners. Questions after the release of season three which was something. We did differently with counter clock than we've done with past seasons right honestly like. I'm not surprised. We had that many. What surprising me is that we didn't have more like i had a thousand questions of my own because this case was just so in depth and so complex and there's so many people in theory reason and pieces of evidence it was wild. Yeah and i think. I'm the one that did the investigation and like wrote the scripts and like i still even have so many questions kind of like swirling in my head after everything but before we dive in and start discussing some of the most popular. Submissions that people had. I actually have some updates to share about information. That's come literally like in the last two weeks yeah visible. It's so exciting to me. Is this this truly is for being such an old investigation. Like things are really happening and literally. Every time i talked to. You're telling me that there's something new that's happened or something. It's about to happen so yeah. I think it's only fair that we give the listeners. Like that information. I right so first thing. This past wednesday. I spoke with fran watson kelly's post conviction attorney and she told me that in the last two weeks the saint joseph county prosecutor's office has told her that they have found all of the items of missing evidence in the case. This is the stuff that's been missing since eighty nine and like and they found all of it like the last time you and i even spoke. They found like half of it right so they have found all of this according to fran and this is the stuff that they've been looking for for ever. This isn't stuff that she just asked for like five minutes ago. Right right so like that. Timing is very interesting to me. Like how long ago did she ask for. Do you know so she asked for it. Like a couple of months ago when she filed that motion for discovery requests. But she's really been asking since she's had jeff's case but like in terms of formal documents is she put it in like not that long ago after the. Pcr and everything. Yeah well it's awfully convenient. Drop like twenty episodes like blowing the whole story open blowing this case up and then like boom. They just kind of like find everything that's been gone for decade. Yeah i think the timing. The timing is definitely interesting But what friend would tell me though. Is that right now. She's making arrangements in the next couple of days to drive up to saint joseph county and review the pieces of evidence and take pictures and she may take some of her law students with her. I don't know how that's gonna work. But obviously what. I'm dying to know is one is the locket with the pictures of the white man and white woman there and two is the key there that was found in the pele's garbage bin outside of the parsonage and three is the original. Tony bieler videotaped interview with police. Cued up and ready to roll girl what i would give to be in that room with fran. When she's going through this stuff. I know i because like all this time. Like she's been wanting this stuff and this has been a critical stuff like in the pcr on everybody's mind but like we aren't lawyers you and i- ashley and so from this point on i kind of have to like take a step back and let friend do her job. Because i don't want to compromise like any progress that she could make by talking with her like too much and getting saint joe counting kind of ticked at her for sharing too much information with me right and that's totally fair and i think that that's like the beauty of what we're doing here and and i think really clear lines that you can draw in situations like this. I think that there is immense value in bringing attention to the case and letting people know like. We're watching you like. This isn't a case people have forgotten about but not doing it in a way. That actually hinders the legal proceedings. Right and like whatever does come out of france review of these pieces of evidence. I think is going to change the case no matter what like. I don't know if it'll be exactly what she's hoping for. But i don't know that it won't be earth-shattering so you know we'll find out at the next pretrial conference on june twenty fifth kind of like how all this like shook out. I mean personally. Like i wholeheartedly believe that whatever is revealed by all of this stuff combined with you know what we keep calling the blue. Jean facts. I don't see a world where that's not enough to. At least grant jeff a new evidentiary hearing right i think so and that can i bring me to my next update. Which is the states were spots to the post conviction relief filing third amended one that we refer to as like the pcr right so this is like saint joe's of counties formal response to france. Pcr right like that's what you're talking about. Yeah and again with the timing. They had this for how long they've had this a long time like over a year. They've had her third amended. Pcr so on may third a year and five months after she filed that pcr the state like finally gives this response and really there five days after the season drops like trae exactly so timing again very suspicious but their biggest claim is that even if this sort of infamous tony bieler police interview tape is unearthed provided to fran which know obviously have said they had and we know it was never turned over to jeff defense trial attorney alan bomb this date basically says in its response that even if there is something juicy in there that supports that theory of like a third party involvement in the pelly murders or that. Someone at least had motive to kill bob other than jeff. The state says that that testimony from tony bueller is hearsay. Anyway and should never be allowed an evidentiary hearing if that were to come in the future. I mean i get that to some extent but then my question is if it shouldn't have been admissible if it really has nothing to do with anything that why not turn it over back in like two thousand five or two thousand six when jeff was going to trial like why wasn't the question of whether this is hearsay or not answered once and for all the first time around. Yeah i agree. I personally think like after all the work that i've done and put into this that that interview tape is likely very substantial and it wasn't turned over for a reason back before trial which is one of the points that fran makes in her. Pcr yeah because i think what i understand that it's hearsay and understand like maybe that alone isn't evidence enough but like if alan would have had that tape could he have gone down some additional paths investigation that would have completely changed his approach at trial or actually given some evidence for him. That wasn't here. Say like it was the first steppingstone in my mind and for him. Not to have it is to me. It seems like it'd be a brady violation. Yeah and that's one of multiple arguments that she's made and even when we interviewed alan on the show he was like. Are you kidding me. Like if i had that. Are you kidding me. That's my gateway into the florida facts. And so yeah. I think that would have beefed up his argument tremendously but we are. We

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