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A must navigate. You probably never heard. Name of portsmouth. Fame greatly exaggerated exacerbated by the fact that must've tech society complicating young from the single place dominican republic a loving jesus. Some jealous of it episodes macbooks passed on. I been gone back own. Hello and welcome to another edition of they call us spruce an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asia america including washington heights. I'm phil you. And i'm jeff yang and we are incredibly happy and proud and honored to have a friend of ours a friend of the show and one of our favorite filmmakers. John m chew with us today. He not only created a little film called crazy rich asians but just a mind blowing new film which is hitting theaters shortly in the heights. And we're just incredibly excited to be with you virtually today. It's good to be here. It's good to be here and love. You guys John first of all. We have to congratulate you on this movie. It's it's an incredible like life-affirming just you know spectacle You know it's just it. It reminds me of like god dan. This is why watch movies you know. Look we we all know you did crazy. Rich asians this moving that basically changed the world and we You know that that was a very special movie. This is very special movie. Why was this like a movie that you had to do was interesting because i signed on to this movie before crazy. Rich asians so it was in the same space of trying to find myself as a filmmaker. You know. I spent ten years making movies movies. I'm really proud of. But i got thrown into their i. I won the lottery win. Spielberg saw my short. And i got my first feature. And i didn't know what i was doing. I had less experience onset than the as on a probably up to the third movie. I did I was just learning and part of that. Is you know you're pretending you know what you're doing but at the same time you deep down. You're like i don't. I don't know if i belong here. I don't know if i if. I deserve this after seven movies and working with like morgan freeman michael. Cain and mark ruffalo and woody. Harrelson jesse i it was an amazing cast and i'm looking around being like. Oh i know what i'm doing. I can hang so that. What am i say. What are you doing john. And at the same time. The internet was blowing up with oscar. So white and starring john show and and it was again. I always say that crazy situation was a result of the movement that was happening around. It didn't cause it in any sort of way it changed me before and Sort of me up to. Hey all the things that people are saying. That doesn't happen in hollywood like you actually could do that tomorrow if you wanted to. And it just compelled me to find stories. That only i could make in a position that i made a lot of money for people so at that point i could probably get away with one and i was trying to find what that one was and crazy. Rich asians was one of them and the other one. Was this musical that. I had seen a decade before that i remember moved me so much even though i wasn't from washington heights even though i'm not latino from the northern california and of chinese restaurant but i knew felt like they have aunties and uncles raise you. I knew how much food communicated love. I knew who my cloudy was with. My boo boo taught me how to make one tons and the books for the restaurant on an abacus like the sights. the sounds the smell lin. Manuel miranda kiara they. They wrote something that i watched. That said more about my own experience than i could or had the ability to do and so it always stuck with me and so that's why when it did come my way. I knew that i could get done. And they had spent years years. Not being able to make that movie. But i knew i could I could actually get it done for them. So i always appreciate your humility. Because it's such an asian american thing. My friend i was. I was quite a bad filmmaker for so many years. And i'm like dude man from your words. Okay all right. You're an inexperienced. But naturally tell learning learning i mean. Here's here's what i would say when i was watching the film and i think this is generally the way that people have experienced this film. My first reaction was straight up. Oh my god. What a glorious way to return to this the sense of the cinema being thing right. I didn't see it on a big screen. And i scream about that because it was. It was actually literally the last time i could have seen before corn also and when i watch this is the film i want to see on the big screen but the second thing i thought was honestly john chu was purpose. Built this film like all the different pieces in your Your background is a filmmaker from the sort of immigrant background. You're talking about that. You kind of wonder one parallel but also things like the the films done The work you've done with magic in action. All these things kind of synthesized in and around the story that add its core.

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