Mariana Velsquez' Refreshing Summer Cocktail Recipe


We continue this series with more recipes from some of the world's best shifts and bartenders. Today's recipes for a refreshing summer cocktail from columbia. Hello my name is maryanne. Alaska's i referred stylus and days make. You're an author of colombiana a rediscovery recipes and rituals from the soul of colombia. And today i wanna share with you. One of my favorites summer recipes from my book go by the vassal which is a street. Food is watermelon in line. Punch drink from the city of baron pizza which is great town. That's rolls over the mountains and into the mouth of the magdalena river and is such a vibrant city and i discovered these recipe on steamy afternoon. I was working all day and lunch was fire way and finally pulled onto the sidewalk to find a bunch of school. Kids chiding joking away as they dip their spoons into talk cups of crush watermelon with tons of line and ice and the watermelon pieces have been steeping into line for so long that they flavor had become some intense. And so the way you make these drink. It's really refreshing is you. Take about twenty cups of watermelon cut up into chunks by one cup of freshly squeezed lime juice and six cups of ice and you put everything into a large pitcher. And you use a wooden schooner model to sort of partly crushed that fruits for the watermelon seeps into the lime juice and dissolves a little utilit- really well for about forty five minutes and then read before serving new top it off with clubs soda and serving too tall bowl glasses with the lungs. It's delicious. i recommend

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