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A gene. That might be the cousin to black. Don't crack 'cause you look the same. Ju don't stu. I don't know what that stupid anyway you know. He's accomplished musician songwriter. Producer label ceo Instill an accomplice. Dj if that doesn't impress you check his resume. Name him Adele wine-house mars mary. Weather cyrus While a the angelo frigging durant iran. Oh my god. I can't wait to get to that part seven time. Am i getting the numbers. It is definitely seven time grammy winner. Guess yes okay including coveted producer of the year. I'm only asking that because even now like people keep fudging my numbers. It may never get the number five right there like two time. Grammy winner quest love three times. I kinda wanna be that guy like our time grammy. yeah. I can't do that lays please. Welcome to quest live. Supreme the one and only mark ronson. No yeah where you were you right now mark. You're in your lab. Yeah i'm in my lab In soho new york. I just moved back in This is the place actually had in the mid two thousands. Right when i met. Amen so you know. I was in this place for a couple of years and then moved back to england for a while to la and you know because a covert and people fleeing the city like they did. I was walking past this building. And it was actually on amy's birthday and i was just like Like feeling a little sentimental. Let me just buzz up. And see what's see what's in there so I buzzed in the the landlord. I kind of gave. I have horrible making longwinded stories. That don't get to the point so please put me so i was like. Hey i i don't know if you remember i mark. I used to be on the fifth floor. And i got it done just because i wanted to come up. Says he's like why you want to rent a space again. And i was like. Yeah yeah that's it. I want to rent the space again. So i came upstairs and i see this abandoned. Probably what was like a jingle house. In between. When i was here less and i was just like. Wow i mean you know new york. Rents are a song right now and i took this place back over so you know. I really just came in thinking of amy. It was her birthday. Thought like maybe get a little picture. I remember what that room felt like. And then it just led to me being back here then you got condoms to bring it again. But i love i did. I forgot this place has a really good vibe. It was never like a very like a name studio like a hip factory or or you know power station but the but norah jones is i record you know. The big one was made here. We did most of back to black like all the demo in writing. So there's like you know just places have a juju like it's just. There's just something in the walls. It's just kind of nice. Yeah i'm i'm telling you right now. Don't give it up. Because i mean i have a certain superstition when it comes to when ever producer's upgrade and so the police were you found that magic and i know him produces minds is like i gotta groom and i got a man but i can show you the history of where the slow wayne starts. And it's usually when success comes in and then they upgrade and the upgrade and then just not the same anymore so you know if if this is if that's your spot where you know you're you're the good vibes were then i'd tell you the you. That's you should definitely. I've been on the other side of that equation too. I moved into this like basement. Kind of whole it was mildew and like damp in the east village and in two thousand and three and I remember getting a call this guys and it was like hey You know the strokes used to have that room and they're working on their second record and they're really having a hard time like they might want that room back because that was their weird magic room where they it was called the transporter room where they made the first record. I was yeah. I was a big strokes fan so i was just like yeah. Fuck yeah. i'll move out of here. It never happened in the answer. Like i know that that. What that What that too right. Yeah all right. So i'll ask you. And i actually said this on your podcast that you know i purposely held back from asking you certain questions in real life knowing that one day you'd eventually make it to the show so i i didn't want to waste any answers not so crazy For those of us. That don't know. Could you please tell us where you were born. What city you were born. Yeah i was born in london at my parents are english and then i moved to new york when i was eight and i was pretty much i i consider myself a new yorker like definitely but i have ties london. I my family. A lot of family i go. I've spent time there. I didn't really realize weirdly. Until i started making music at the music came out and it did well in england and like when say fuck in sold a copy said that i had to be like. Oh maybe this connection to england. That i liked completely forgot about most of my life. Musically is is more is kind of more output than. I really realize you know so wait. Let me ask you about your your your time and in england first of all. Are you consciously aware of where of when your accent sneaks in and sneaks out. Yeah it's fucking terrible. I mean i hate it. I mean when you move to a country. I moved here when i was a from england and like you know kids. Merciless at that age. And they tease you. And i you know they call me commie which doesn't make any sense because wait if they call me like shut up comedy like you know because it's like the middle of the cold war something. I have a funny accent and then And then you try and lose it to fit in as quickly. And then i go back to england to see my friends have like. Why do you sound so american like i. I realized it was just my you know my little like it was. I was never going to be able to kind of sound like us from one place. I hear when i'm in england. Voice starts to change in the back of attacks as part of it makes me think like what am i like this spineless guy who can't commit to one accident. Such a chameleon on my soul like unsure like or trying to please people in public says that. I am that easily but i just i i realized i have no control over it anymore so i just fucking i've just given up. No you definitely talk like you like. I don't think you talk. American or english. But like i always wondered in your head. Are you trying to navigate the vehicle so that you don't reveal your english side to us and if you're over there

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