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Which they won in 2019 with an Olympic gold medal. NPR's Tom Goldman, the Games are taking place with virtually no Spectators at the events. Due to Covid 19 safety protocol. Heavy rains and flooding continue to hammer central China at least 25 people have died in central Henan province and at least 100,000 have been evacuated. NPR's Jon rule, which has more State media say a year's worth of rain fell on Henan's provincial capital, Guangzhou from Saturday to Tuesday. They're calling it the worst rains in 60 years. Images online show roads turned into muddy rivers and people stranded in subway cars with water up to their chests. Flooding caused the breach in at least one damn in Henan overnight, according to state media, and the Chinese army, warned that another was in danger of bursting under the deluge. Guangzhou, a city of around 10, million people, has suspended all arriving flights. Meanwhile, in southern China typhoon with winds of up to 74 MPH made landfall in Guangdong province. This is NPR news. This is double U. N. Y. C in New York City has brought a group of homeless shelter sites in the Bronx to turn them into permanent, affordable housing for families. The city had been renting units in the 14 buildings to house homeless individuals temporarily. City limits. Reporter David Brand says Over time, many of the building owners have been cited for hazardous conditions. Advocates say this is a good move. Because you're kind of cutting out. Shady property owners so fully the city and these nonprofits can now Make these darlings safer and more comfortable for families. Iran says residents that leads to of the buildings have continued to report safety issues. Under city ownership. All workers at public hospitals and clinics in New York City must undergo weekly covid 19 testing if they have not been vaccinated. That's the new policy. Mayor de Blasio laid out this morning on MSNBC. It's making an impact, so it's time to do something different. What we're doing is mandate for the folks who work in our public hospitals and clinics. They need to be safe. The people they serve need to be safe. But the mayor also says he will not push for an indoor mask mandate despite an increase in covid cases due to the delta varying in the city, he says the solution still is the same vaccinations. Connecticut community colleges will forgive $17 Million of student debt accumulated during the pandemic. No strings attached. Huge benefit to more than 18,000 current and former students at the state's 12 public two year schools. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut till eight o'clock tonight, Otherwise mostly sunny with a high near 85 today. 84 partly cloudy and still hazy now. Michael Hill w N. Y C news Support for NPR comes from Charles Schwab with a variety of financial planning options from online tools to meeting with a financial consultant.

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