The Disappearance of Joyce Yost



Near as kim could tell her mother had last been seen late on the prior saturday night in her sister. Dorothy driveway to know if it had been twenty four hours. You be missing. Nobody you in twenty four hour started by the next day. When they're still wasn't anything. I begged them. Just meet me over there. Go in and see what's wrong you know. And so they met me over there but they made me go in. They didn't go in. I kim wriggled into her. Mother's apartment around noon on tuesday august thirteenth through a side window. She knew did not latch tight. She unlocked the door allowing her husband and a south ogden officer inside everything was clean just like she kept spotless. No sign of a struggle department was always tidy. Everything in the kitchen appeared as usual. She had a one of those automatic times. Copied kicked on and made coffee and the coffee pot was fool. They went into choices bedroom. All our jewelry and everything was on a dresser Anybody came in and robbed her. Everything just like normal. It's like joyce would keep it. Almost the bed was made. A single pillow sat at the top of the bed. It was a minor thing but joyce's bed usually had two pillows always used to falsely petillo that. Tv was right where it was supposed to be her toothbrush her cosmetics. All that stuff was in the bathroom. The pink dress. Joyce had worn to the officers club the prior saturday night sat draped over the back of a chair. Obviously she came home. Set the coffee pot. She had every intention to getting up on starting at her day and just never got to start. Kim looked in her mom's closet. Joyce had so many outfits it was impossible to tell if any of them were missing but she did notice something else. I found a wash cloth down between the dresser in the door and it was dried up and crumpled like had fallen down between detective. sergeant brad. Birch arrived at joyce's apartment that same afternoon to performing more thorough search. He stripped joyce's bed discovering the sheets and the pillow sham didn't match. He examined the wash cloth. It was crusty as happens when water slowly evaporates out of cotton. He smoothed it out. The front face had alternating stripes of pink brown green and gray. The back was tan with several rust colored stains dried blood.

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