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W i. D C B C HD one Indianapolis another investigation on Jack Callahan. Fox News. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Kneedler has announced a formal investigation into the Department of Justice, Surveillance of members of Congress and some journalists after the Senate announced a probe of its own Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer and the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Dichter Winner, threatening subpoenas for former attorneys General Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr to testify about the seizure of phone records from House Intelligence Committee. Democrats during the Russia probe. The Justice Department's inspector general has opened an investigation a sufficient effort, top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell says So I'm confident that the existing inquiry will uncover The truth. There's no need for partisan circus here in the Congress. The subpoenas for lawmakers records was done as part of a leaks investigation. Boxer Jared Halperin president Biden has wrapped up a meeting with NATO leaders in Brussels, speaking with reporters afterwards. So many of my Republican colleagues in the senator, I know no better. Have been reluctant to Take on, for example, and an investigation because they're worried about being primaried. The president next travels to Geneva, Switzerland, for his meeting Wednesday with Russian President Putin. Dispute over mask wearing lead to a shooting Monday in a Georgia grocery store. Police in Duluth, Georgia, say a man shot him killed a cashier retired to cab county police officer working security at the store traded shots with the gunman, leaving both wounded. The second tropical storm of the Atlantic Hurricane season bill has formed off the coast of North Carolina. Mixed day Monday on Wall Street, NASDAQ gaining 104 points while the Dow dropped 85, the S and P. 500 closing seven points Higher. America is listening

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