CPI Rises 4.2% Over the Last Year


Welcome to the investors podcast. I'm your host trae lockerbie and today. I'm super excited to welcome back to the show. Fan favourite merrin tusa and always a pleasure. Thanks for coming on the show. That's my pleasure. So one of the reasons. We love having on merrin is that there's always just a wealth of knowledge that you bring to the table and it's always such a wide ranging discussion and today's no different. There's a lot to cover. And i want to go ahead and dig right in one of the most interesting headlines. I think we've seen recently is the. Us bureau of labor statistics releasing some new cpi numbers and the is risen. Four point two percent over the last year so given your knowledge and the gold and silver mark is. I just wanted to take the opportunity to ask you about what your stance on those metals looks like right now and if you've been expecting maybe better performance out of them lately as my subscribers know when you have such a lockdown in so much pent up demand you look what's going on with copper lumbers so many sectors or hitting it and people what about gold and silver. I remind everyone that eighteen hundred dollar gold is a phenomenal price. Or me and the company that i'm heavily invested in and i get it. People want the to handle as four handle. Cpi came to thousands better than eighteen. Hundred i agree but when you're all in sustaining cost is eight nine hundred and you know you have a one hundred percent margins. That's a pretty good business to be in so yes. The investors want. Bitcoin like returns. They want that action but mining is the remember. Gold is the oldest currency in the world so moves a lot slower and it's a much more global. There's a hundred eighty six minds with over for example with over two million ounces. It's everywhere and it's a big business osama silver silver nod as much of a currency metal. Like gold is because over half is used for australia. Uses has got one foot in the industrial sector and one foot in the precious metal. So you would expect silver to be doing better than it is

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