A highlight from Hour 1: Making A Statement


Been bewildered to start the series in brooklyn playoff win in nets franchise history. Yes that was quite a lopsided affair. One point i just took a screen grab of the score. Tweeted it out. Members of forty seven point lead hundred in the teens. Seventy something what a beat down. This is without james harden Raj my producer in la here. I am in new york at the seaport and brendan or technical. Leader is in bristol. These are still social distancing days a lot of bad things about the pandemic. i don't mean to make light. A lot of people. Lost their lives. The social distancing could get used to the social distancing. It's all coming to an end. Everyone's very excited okay. You can be excited. Oh so great to not have to see people. Hey do you know what a singularity is. Yes was a singular about the tel. Ever while you're about to tell everyone why night loquacious so like a black hole singularity so that means like let me explain to you at a black hole you have so much madder in such a small space that the strong nuclear force nothing can keep the integrity of any even the smallest particle together so everything just crushes down to infinity right. A smaller and smaller all the matter because of gravity creates an infinitely dense and small point and all laws of physics breaks. Down it's a black hole and no information can escape a black hole. If you could see into a black hole that would be a naked singularity and you know there are scientists and philosophers. Basically like the universe won't let you see the mind of god basically right punctures space time. You're not allowed to really see what secrets i think. That's what healthy nets team is a naked singularity and the boss and the the basketball god's will not let us see it you have to extrapolate what it might be because someone's always hurt. We just saw without. James harden the nets who people in own do. I want him on this show. Andre snellings dr dre himself oh he was telling me about the bucks due to the nets and this and that with james harden getting waxed. And i'm not trying to hear like game one. They missed a lot of shots. It's not what game it was about. Came to just got waxed. No harden bleak griffin mutism blake griffin big stat line couple of days ago and a couple of games ago. Game one and game two. He didn't have a big stat line but he posts rise jaanus in a way where you look. Oh yeah that's blake griffin. It's not like he forgot how to play the game. You just couldn't jump the way used to jump It well he kinda can still. Oh my god it blake. Griffin's

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