'In the Heights': A Joyous Return to the Movies


T o P News Well before Hamilton Lin Manuel Miranda won best musical for in the Heights. The hotly anticipated movie version is now showing in movie theaters and streaming on HBO. Max, Who's Na'vi de la Vega runs a bodega in one Washington Heights, New York, Dreaming of returning to the Dominican Republic. Anthony Ramos inherits the Royal from Lin Manuel Miranda, but it won't be jarring to D C audiences who already saw him in the part of the Kennedy Center. We root for his romance with Melissa Barrera, just as we do, Allegedly Grace and Corey Hawkins, all four of which get character arts, dreaming of starting a tiki bar. Becoming hairstyle is fighting for immigrants and running a taxi dispatch director John Chu proves you can do things on screen that you can on stage, choreographing dance numbers in swimming pools, surreal subway tunnels, even sides of buildings. A tough pandemic year. It's the feel good movie we need right now for a

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