A highlight from Part 2: Adam, Bryan and Gina on Kalama Harris, Chris Harrison, and Joints for Jabs (ACS June 9)


Balls orders now at adam karol dot all right. We've got the game to play with. I think we should get this neil diamond. Yeah i've been teased that helen reddy thing That lynch can't stop watching and to me. Based on my henry winkler story so this is neil onstage in one thousand nine hundred seventy six. Yeah we say was the bowl. Are the greek. Sorry though jeff wald i want you say long is ellen it here. Jeb singer would make ready. Helen reddy quite. Would you sing it with me. You're gonna kill me this. No i come and sing in your show okay. We'll do it together exactly like hell with some air. Robot knows but so ross saw rose guy. Could you just plots remiss curious you we sleep on all my thank you for henry. Winkler can't sing for shit. Another nice jewish boy. Now you gotta go on after a professional you might have to kill him by the way if this was one of my favorite songs. It's not but if it was that'd be pissed that they kind of turned it into that novelties. Worst henry winkler since the height of the ons fame here blue. Everybody knows. Andre did do it roger. Did you know what you do. Would you do this. And we do like the funds would do it. I would define thing that saw dryer. Dr the mike and he left knows dig it. Research for s for rebel still loves him. Yeah throw him singing. Whether show all right mealtime diamond is more liberace than i realized. Yeah sorry you can just

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