Expert Weighs in on Connection Between Climate Change and Recent Heatwaves


Nature. Climate Change found that more than a third of the total deaths due to heat waves can be attributed to climate change. What should we expect in the coming years? I mean these events Likely to be more common. We know from the climate science that climate change is increasing the frequency, the intensity and the duration of heatwaves. We also have seen over the last few years. Very extreme heat waves. In Siberia last year where the temperatures in the Arctic I believe we're over 100 degrees. There was a heatwave in Japan that the Japanese meteorological authorities said couldn't have happened without climate change. Northern Scandinavia, Sweden A couple of years ago had a heatwave was 700 excess deaths. So we're seeing these around the world. And, yes, Communities need to develop heat action plans to be prepared for much hotter future. That was Professor Christi E. By she studies climate change in public health at the University of Washington. Professor Emma. Thanks so much for taking the time. Thank you very much.

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