Oh Mikita! What Are You Doing?


Talking about this tournament and this he s six remain in this five scoop going to be a tough damn field. Okay got makita badza. Cousy in the hand yeah. His opponent in the hand is dubbing. He's got ten million in live earnings two million in online. He's not even close to the most accomplished player in the hand. He's got is the eighty ninth. Most moneyed live tournament player of all time. Not even close not even close all right. Six forty five k. So you're only nine xing. You're buying their. I guess it was not that big of a field Versus one hundred and seventy seven k. Whoa wake me up before you go go all right george. Thirty six to care the blinds. Makita hausky the joker. He's in the small bundy. His agent of chaos. He's got five point five million so almost one hundred bakes cool and raises to one hundred sixty k. With two eights eight of diamonds. Eight of clubs. Cool fine sure matthias. Bigger in the big blind as two point two million so not doing his well. Just thirtyish blinds calls with queen jack of spades in the big binder. I'm cool with that. Yeah it seems like. He's got too many chips to shove and not enough chips to raise for like because he has a good hand right. Yeah and this is play super well in position against a raise especially against the super wideness of this race. It seems great yeah pots. Three hundred and sixty five k. The flop is six of diamonds. Ten of clubs. Four of spades pretty mandatory. Continue for beds cow. Ski area goes pretty small. Pretty standard stuff. You're eighty-seven k into three sixty five all right. So is this just an auto float for bigger with to back doors. Two overs and yeah. I think absolutely competent opponent. Is there an argument for raising. Oh that's a cool question. If we feel like bazakov's he doesn't have a lot of ups on the turn. I'm a little bit more interested in raising right now. Yeah but if he's gonna check fold fairmount once we've called once which. I think i would guess he's got a fair amount of those. I would think so. Yeah then i just calling in position. We don't have to put a lot of chips in play here and we get to see a card super cheap.

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