Deconstructing Dr. Grant Robicheaux

O.C. Swingers


After the show began to air. I started to hear from all kinds of people who knew dr grant robichaud or had interacted with him. In some way over the years. I heard from high school classmates former party powell's business associates and a woman who says she used to sell grant his vintage festival coats before the burning man festival each year. He introduced himself as the doctor. She told me he was handsome. But as most burners who think they're being sexually free he just off his greasy and sleazy to me. I was told about grants tendency to excise people who disagreed with him if he was going to burn a bridge one former colleague told me he'd burnt down with gas he loved it. He thrived off of that. Another former colleague admitted that he saw grant be very route. Two girls treat them very poorly. I started to piece together a portrait of manipulative man. Who is different things to different people. He definitely had a dueling personality. Said the first colleague a. type personality very charismatic definitely very social knows how to entertain and communicate and make people laugh at times and then when he doesn't get what he wants he's like a toddler kicking and screaming and pounding his feet in the middle of target. I talked to one woman who said grant road show sexually intimidated her during a routine consultation. In two thousand seventeen. She says he placed his hand on either side of her body while she was wearing nothing but a flimsy robe and pushed his hips between her legs and that a year later on the very day of his arrest grant made another uncomfortable pass at her in the office. She says that members of the newport care staff noticed something was off. Sent me materials to corroborate her story. I was terrified of running into him and having him hurt me or something because as small as he is he's still quite intimidating shed. He has a presence about him. He's very intimidating he doesn't smile he's got this look. He's very scary.

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