A highlight from LIVE After-Show (#131B): Steam Censorship, EA Apex Success, Luckbox Losses, Blockchain Gaming Billions


The boardroom. This is the business of sports after show livestream. I'm joined by my friend and coast. Jeff cohen a bit of a skeleton crew. Today a few out down for the count but for those of you who are new to the livestream what we do here is we cover all the most pressing gaming and east sports topics and news of the week but we look at all of it through business and c. suite lens and just like the podcast we discuss we analyze. We look at all the business implications of everything happening. But the best part about the livestream. Is we get to live with you. Guys we get to interact. You get to ask questions you get to be involved. And today's livestream is going to be a bit more intimate right seriously. I i feel like we should almost invite someone from the audience. Like in participate the guest guest host. Imprompt i just throw them into the fire. And you've had your second cova shot now. Today's yeah. I'm i'm like this is like my michael jordan. Flew game right now. I don't i don't even know. I think i got like one hundred and two fever currently so you look than ever. I don't know what that means. I got a haircut there. You got that make sense. I also i'm still pale so rich and says pick me we. We may have. We'll we'll have to have some kind of standing rule going forward. Which is if we're down to two. We pick we pick someone from the audience and it's just impromptu guest host cam jeff the juice. Wow that's electric hi. Everyone can't do you like it. Because we've been toying with this now for two weeks now and i'm curious if you actually like the nickname because it's sort of sticking i think we're at week three and it's it's you know. I think it's starting to stick. I think people unanimously like jeff. The juice christians a tip the tipping point. It's abbey wednesday guys. Happy wednesday christian abriel. hey gabriel cam says both of you looking great as always camp. Thank you your looking great. Thank you for coming. You are are one of my favorite people in the whole world. Thank you for coming every week. And thank you all of you guys who come to the livestream every week. If you haven't already tell your friends about the livestream bring colleague bring a friend Get them involved. If you're just lurking please feel free to ask. Questions participate if not continue looking. I mean fine. Both are good Alright podcast let me just. Tease the podcast. Geoff before we jump into anything here. We had interesting. Podcast covered some good topics. Of course as always guys stopped me. If you want to discuss any of these things on the livestream happy to sort of have extra discussion on the livestream around them. But here's what you can expect tomorrow when the podcast dropped so we started with a little bit of a fun story which was It was a florida tech story and what was interesting about this was it was someone who had died and donated a bunch of money. You know after their death to to to florida tech to build a textile museum with their name. This is the ruth funk center for textile arts and and since her death florida tech ran into some Financial difficulties and to attract more money and more students. What they're now doing is they're converting this textile museum to an east sports arena which much to the dismay of ruth funk's descendants who wanted to stay a textile museum and so we had an interesting kind of silly discussion around east sports taking over but fundamentally this this poor textile museum is going to be converted to e sports arena. I mean objectively any sports arenas more fun than textile museum. This sarda sharda ruth funk and her her. It's just yeah i'm in. I mean i hope ruth funk's not like spinning in her grave right like you would think the ruth funk east sports arena is also pretty cool according to a relative she literally is. That's i know this is. This is armed that they did. I'm surprised like i guess ruth funk didn't donate enough money because usually they don't just like repurpose the donation that you know that you've made museum donated one point two five million which. I guess for florida a sizable donation. Right let's not insignificant. I have to imagine. Yeah for four tech. That's gotta be up there. Isn't that what bobby donated to michigan. How four million. Four million four million.

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