Judge Limits Footage That Family Can See of Andrew Brown Jr.’s Killing


Hi Mike Rossi a reporting the family of a black man who was fatally shot by sheriff's deputies in Elizabeth city North Carolina will only be shown a fraction of body camera footage recorded at the scene the family of amber brown junior who was fatally shot in his car by sheriff's deputies in Elizabeth city North Carolina on April twenty first will be allowed to see less than twenty minutes of the nearly two hours of video of body camera footage that was recorded Superior Court judge Jeffrey foster issued a written ruling setting a ten day time period for thirties to share the footage with brown's family Pasquotank county sheriff Tommy Wooten the second said in a statement Friday his office has agreed with the brown family suggestion to review the video on Tuesday at an earlier hearing district attorney Andrew Womble said body camera video showed brown's car made contact with law enforcement twice as he tried to drive away before shots are heard on the video deputies were serving a drug related search warrant at brown's home hi Mike Rossio

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