Ariana Grande Secretly Marries Dalton Gomez

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Ariana grande is a married lady. She tied the knot with dalton gomez in a private ceremony at her home over the weekend. Now this comes just five months after he popped the question with this diamond and pearl ring. Now a source tells eat. It was a beautiful day and very romantic. It was perfect. And just what i really wanted. What was your reaction when you heard visits. I mean i'm excited for her. I you know. I think we're all rooting for her does she. Because we don't. I mean i don't know she can do a sequel to that song with more xs. We you know she was great. We love it. I love that absolutely have happy for her. She but she always did like she's a baby. You gotta let it grow up. That's the thing we cannot let her grow up. I'm like is she owned up to get married. She looks like because she's so petite she looks on. So you're like oh. I hope that this works out. Because she's been with so many superstars and nationally as a regular guy who is real estate. Let's say you brought up something really interesting. That she was with all these superstars before a lot of people say oh. I think it works because this guy's not famous. But i actually think it works. Because for the first time in her very young life she got a chance to stop and think and live and be normal yes and the pandemic kind of forced to be a regular person for a second and she got to know this guy. I am happy as a gay man. I will be honest. i'm pissed i didn't get full. Spread in vanity fair. I'm so mad. It wasn't on an island with four hundred people. But i'm happy. She got to do the wedding like she wanted to. And not make a

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